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Empower Teachers with PD: Strategies, Benef... | ExploreLearning (1)

There are often mixed feelings about professional development for teachers. Every educator understands the value of continued learning. It’s finding the time in already crowded schedules that causes pause. But professional development (PD) can do so much more than sharing ideas for classroom instruction. PD courses empower those who take on the most important role—teacher.

Understanding the impact of professional development for teachers

When teachers participate in a quality professional development program, the impact goes beyond just one classroom. Teachers love to share professional learning with colleagues. Follow-up discussions from PD allow teachers to collaborate with peers and share ideas and strategies, enriching entire departments or buildings with best practices.

The importance of professional development in the classroom

There's no doubt that professional development opportunities for teachers are important. Sessions can motivate and encourage them. When it comes to new initiatives or products, professional development helps teachers be fully equipped to implement programs in their classrooms. When new resources and strategies are used with fidelity, direct results in student data and increased learning will be seen.

How does professional development empower teachers?

Empowerment in the classroom stems from confidence in skills, information, and methodologies. When teachers have sessions that deliver opportunities for learning and reflection, professional and personal goal-setting can occur. A teacher PD session might empower one teacher to create initiatives while another embraces a leadership role for new programs. Maybe teachers simply walk away from PD with a new sense of empowerment with decisions in their own classroom, which ultimately enriches the learning outcomes of their students.

Enhancing elementary math and science teaching

Elementary teachers have to do it all and do it well. While secondary teachers typically have specific content areas of expertise, elementary educators teach all subjects. That's why it's essential to include professional development that elevates lessons across the curriculum. Teachers want to help students construct a rich understanding with full retention.

Professional development for STEM concepts provides a unique opportunity for teachers in a literacy-based landscape to find resources that work for them and their students. PD delivers the latest research on engaging and effective teaching strategies for math and science.

Reducing anxiety and stress in math and science through PD

Teaching the broad scope of concepts required of elementary teachers can be stressful. Understanding the challenges teachers face is critical to providing compelling professional learning experiences. Teachers might even encounter barriers when planning interactive math and science lessons in the elementary classroom.

That's why it's essential to take advantage of PD. Those anxiety-inducing questions and worries fade away when teachers have information and resources.

Planning and resources for a successful PD year

Teachers are professionals who know what’s relevant in their classrooms! Administrators and PD presenters need to survey teachers about what they want to learn or see from the PD program. Teachers want to know how any PD session will benefit their students. They want PD that will carry them through the year, especially for new programs for setup and effective implementation strategies.

Best practices for implementing a professional development program

When it comes to quality professional development in education, there are a few guidelines school leaders can follow to ensure the best experience for teachers:

  • Provide the “why” with a clear purpose and outcome.
  • Engage teachers with interactive sessions.
  • Demonstrate and model strategies, concepts, and product features.
  • Provide time for reflection.
  • Open up discussions.
  • Relate information back to the standards.
  • Follow up with teachers to discuss challenges and share implementation ideas.
  • Give teachers something they can use immediately in their classroom.

Maximizing the benefits of professional development for long-term success

Professional development allows teachers to collaborate with one another and learn from experts. It's also a way for administrators to support their teachers. While PD should provide opportunities for teachers to gain knowledge and strengthen skills, the endgame is always better student outcomes.

ExploreLearning professional development courses empower teachers by setting up our products, strengthening pedagogy, and driving instructional change. Take a look.

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Empower Teachers with PD: Strategies, Benef... | ExploreLearning (3)

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Empower Teachers with PD: Strategies, Benef... | ExploreLearning (5)

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Empower Teachers with PD: Strategies, Benef... | ExploreLearning (2024)


What are the benefits of empowered teachers? ›

Through ongoing training, teachers learn how to assess and address the individual needs of their students. They can use data-driven strategies to track student progress and make informed instructional decisions which leads to better academic outcomes and contributes to a positive and empowering learning environment.

How can we empower teachers to become effective? ›

7 ways to empower K-12 teachers today
  1. Emphasizing individualized learning. ...
  2. Encouraging collaboration and professional development. ...
  3. Embracing technology for enhanced learning. ...
  4. Cultivating a positive and supportive school climate. ...
  5. Strengthening family and community engagement. ...
  6. Providing resources for professional growth.

How do you inspire teachers and empower them with professional development, collaboration, and shared leadership? ›

About This Series
  1. Develop a unified vision and realistic goals. ...
  2. Provide job descriptions. ...
  3. Use a fair selection process that focuses on teacher-leadership competencies. ...
  4. Offer job-aligned learning opportunities. ...
  5. Assess school culture.
Mar 28, 2023

Why is teacher PD important? ›

Effective professional development enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address students' learning challenges. To be effective, professional development requires thoughtful planning followed by careful implementation with feedback to ensure it responds to educators' learning needs.

What are the benefits of empowerment approach? ›

Empowerment benefits include opportunities for employees to develop decision making skills by decentralizing decision-making. It means that employees at various levels of the organization have a say in choices that affect their roles, projects, or the company as a whole.

How do you define an empowered teacher? ›

Teacher empowerment is the involvement of teachers in school decision-making processes, taking action according to the decisions taken, and enjoying the results of implementing school policies.

How do you think teachers can inspire and empower students through their leadership roles? ›

Teachers can observe and assess students' interests, strengths, needs, and goals, and encourage them to apply for or join leadership roles that match their passions and abilities. Teachers can also provide feedback and guidance to help students improve their leadership skills and overcome challenges.

How can a principal empower teachers? ›

Support teachers to facilitate a mentorship program that supports onboarding of new teachers with resources, constructive feedback and consistent support when needed. Make your school inclusive to all your teachers by providing opportunities for professional development and education on equity and diversity.

What is the concept of teacher empowerment as a strategy for educational leaders? ›

A basic assumption of teacher empowerment is that teachers are autonomous professionals who are willing to perform their best at work when they feel intrinsically motivated and satisfied (e.g., Dee et al., 2003;Gagne & Deci, 2005; Wan, 2005) .

How do teachers create effective PD? ›

Effective Teacher Professional Development That Works
  1. Set goals. Much like planning a lesson, start with your target outcome. ...
  2. Narrow it down. ...
  3. Make it hands-on. ...
  4. Foster collaboration. ...
  5. Develop something usable. ...
  6. Provide coaching and mentoring. ...
  7. Revisit goals. ...
  8. Be realistic.
Oct 29, 2023

What is effective teacher PD? ›

Effective professional development provides teachers with adequate time to learn, practice, implement, and reflect upon new strategies that facilitate changes in their practice.

What kind of PD do teachers want? ›

Educators want to engage in professional learning and want to continue to learn and improve their practice—as long as it is authentic and relevant to them and their students.

What are the characteristics of teacher empowerment? ›

Walden University Insight: 7 Qualities of an Empowered Educator
  • Learner. Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.
  • Leader. ...
  • Citizen. ...
  • Collaborator. ...
  • Designer. ...
  • Facilitator. ...
  • Analyst.

What are the benefits to employees when they are empowered? ›

Enhanced employee morale: Empowerment boosts employee morale as individuals feel valued and respected in their roles. The value of empowerment is far-reaching, encompassing improved motivation, productivity, creativity, problem-solving, and overall well-being.

What are the benefits of empowered community? ›

It leads to self-sufficiency, better decision-making, increased participation, and greater resilience. To achieve community empowerment, it is important to involve community members in decision-making processes, provide them with the resources and skills they need to take action, and support them in their efforts.

What are the benefits of empowered product teams? ›

Empowered product teams don't look for other people to blame when things go south. They take responsibility for their actions and are accountable for the tasks that have been assigned to them. If they come up with a solution, they take responsibility for both its success and failure.


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