How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (2024)

When Blox fruits were released, Roblox fans were keen to explore all the features of the new world. The latest update delivered fresh features to fans, including the opportunity to learn a new fighting style – Electric Claw, now a fan favorite.

If you want to know more about the ways you can acquire Electric Claw, read on.

1. Have Level 400 Mastery of the Electric Fighting Style

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Inspired by the classic anime OnePiece, Blox Fruit allows players to learn to practice different fighting styles. The newest update to the game introduced the Electric Claw fighting style, also known as Electro V2, as a follow-up to the Electric fighting style. The update introduced three new moves: Electric rampage, Lighting thrust, and Thunderclap flash.

To get the Electric Claw fighting style, you need to head on to unlock it. The first requirement for starting the quest for the upgrade is to have level 400 mastery of the Electric fighting style. You can buy the Electric fighting style for $500.000 from the Mad Scientist, whom you can find beneath the Skylands.

2. Complete the Quest for the Previous Hero

To get the Electric Claw fighting style, you’ll need to seek the NPC Previous Hero on Floating Turtle Island behind the Middle Castle. You can find him at The Colosseum Arches, near the Pineapple Homes. Once you talk to him, he will assign you a quick quest, which you can easily complete.

Make sure that you complete all the requirements before meeting Previous Hero. If you don’t meet them, you won’t able to do the quest, and he will say “Nah” if you try to talk to him.

After meeting the requirements, to get the opportunity to buy Electric Claw from the Previous Hero you need to follow these steps:

  1. Talk to the Previous Hero.
    How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (2)
  2. Accept the quest he offers.
    How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (3)
  3. Get to the Mansion within 30 seconds.
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Completing this quest might be a challenge for those who don’t have Mink, Light, Door, or the Pilot Helmet accessory. Regardless, completing the quest is easy and can be done by using the following abilities:

  • Use Light fruit
    How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (5)
  • Use Door fruit
    How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (6)

Note that players have said they’ve completed the quest more easily using the Light fruit.

When you’ve completed the quest, you’ll receive a congratulatory message. Return to the Previous Hero, and speak to him. You’ll receive an offer to learn the Electric Claw, for which you’ll need additional resources.

3. Pay Previous Hero

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Learning this ability is relatively expensive for in-game standards. The Previous Hero will require 3 million Beli and 5,000 fragments in exchange for the mastery of Electric Claw.

Beli is in-game cash, and to be able to play for the skill, you’ll need to earn a ton. Earning money in Blox Fruits can be done in multiple ways –by killing NPCs, completing quests, doing Factory Raids, opening chests, and fighting raid bosses.

Fragments are the secondary currency in Blox fruits, but acquiring them is similar to earning Belis. The best-proven way to earn fragments is to do Fruit raids, where you can earn up to 1,000 of them. The other ways to receive fragments are defeating bosses and sea beasts. Defeating anyone with a Youtuber title will bring you a maximum of 2,500 fragments. Although the bounty brings a large reward, YouTubers aren’t easy to find and defeat.

After you have made sure you have enough resources to pay the Previous Hero for teaching you the Electric Claw, talk to him and click on “Learn”. Upon paying him, you will be able to equip Electric Claw any time you need it.

4. Become a Raiton

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After finally receiving the Electric Claw from the Previous Hero, you’ll also acquire the title of “Raiton.” This is an in-game easter egg and a reference to the anime Naruto, which means “Lighting release.” Acquiring this title will certainly make your opponent shiver, as they’ll feel your true power.

Pierce Your Opponents With Style

The Blox Fruit community loved this update, as the Electric Claw has become a thing of prestige in the game. With three new fighting moves, piercing your opponents has never looked cooler. However, acquiring the Electric claw requires high mastery and a lot of in-game resources.

The quest may be easy to complete, but everything on the journey is so much fun. Once you get the Electric Claw, taking part in raids and defeating bosses will become better than ever.

What’s your favorite Electric Claw move? Tell us in the comments section below.

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How To Get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits (2024)


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