How to Play Red Ball 4: Volume 2 – Bouncing Ball Tips (2024)

The bouncing red ball is back in Red Ball 4: Volume 2. If you have never played any of these games, then this strategy guide on How to Play Red Ball 4: Volume 2 will be a big help. Before we get into strategies for this fun and bouncy game though, let’s go over the basics of how to play.

How to Play Red Ball 4: Volume 2

The controls are just about as basic as any other platformer game. Use the arrow keys to maneuver around the map. Use the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward from level to level. The up arrow key will allow you to jump up in the air. The spacebar also works if you are more comfortable with that.

The goal of Red Ball 4: Volume 2 is to make it through the map without getting defeated by the enemies that stand in your way. The enemies in question are boxes that bounce around the map. These boxes will be in your way most of the time. To get rid of them, bounce up and land directly on top of their head. Be careful though, if you hit the side of these squares, then you will lose a life.

Red Ball 4: Volume 2 Strategies

There are a few key strategies that you can employ to give yourself a leg up in Red Ball 4: Volume 2. Continue reading to learn about a few of these tips and tricks.

Stay Vertical

When your enemies are approaching, make sure to get as high as you can before coming down on them. It is extremely important that you hit the very top of their head in order to take them down. If you end up hitting the sides or the bottom of the square, you lose a life. Players are only given three lives, so be cautious when approaching enemies.

Use your momentum

How to Play Red Ball 4: Volume 2 – Bouncing Ball Tips (1)

The more speed that players have, the further that they are able to jump. If there is a gap that seems a little bit out of reach, try and find ways to gain more momentum before taking off for launch. There is no such thing as an impossible jump in Red Ball 4: Volume 2. You just need to find a creative solution in this ball game.

Watch out for ninjas

Some of the boxes will have a ninja headband around them. These are the guys that you really need to watch out for. They jump in a much more sporadic manner, which makes them harder to predict. This means that you will need to really take your time against them and be smart about the situation. Don’t rush straight into battle without any idea of how you are going to take these ninja squares down.

Not only is it harder to guess where they are going, but you will also need to hit them on the top of their head twice. If you can, try and just run past these scary guys. If you can’t though, just take your time. The ninja blocks are easy to dodge, but hard to take down.

Collect Stars

Throughout the stages, there will be stars scattered around. You should try and collect every star that you can get. The more stars that you obtain, the more points will be given to you. Most of the stars follow the natural route that players are taking to get through each level, so it isn’t very arduous to collect every single one.

Use your surroundings

There will probably be a few different times in Red Ball 4: Volume 2 where you will get stuck. Not to worry though, there is always a way to make it to the next part of the game. When players are unsure what to do, they should look at their surroundings and see if anything is helpful. There may be a wooden wheel that can be pushed or a button that will unlock a helpful platform. No matter what it is, make sure to observe your surroundings.

Of course, if a part of the level is just going horribly wrong, players can always press the reset button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Players will then respawn at the previous checkpoint with a fresh start.

So now that you know how to play Red Ball 4: Volume 2, go check it out! These tips and tricks should help you get pretty far in the game. Once completed, you can always go and check out Volume One of Red Ball 4. It has a lot of the same fun gameplay mechanics.

How to Play Red Ball 4: Volume 2 – Bouncing Ball Tips (2024)


Who is the second boss in Red Ball 4? ›

The Samurai Boss is the boss of Episode 2 and the second boss overall, appearing in level 30.

What is a buzz saw in Red Ball 4? ›

The Buzzsaws (or simply Saws) are traps that can kill on contact. They only appear in Episode 2.

How many levels are in Red Ball 4? ›

Roll, jump and bounce through 75 exciting levels full of adventure.

Is there Red Ball 5? ›

Red Ball 5 is a game created by FDG Entertainment and published by Yohoho Games on March 3rd, 2024. It is a sequel of Red Ball 4. Currently, this game has only 7 levels.

What is the hardest boss in Red Ball 4? ›

The Cavern Boss is by far the largest boss and enemy in the whole game. He its also the of all Bosses. Unlike the other Bosses, this Boss is dead before the end of the battle, the others usually avoid its mechanic during the second phase.

How old is Red Ball 4? ›

Red Ball 4 was released in 2014 by the game developer Evgeniy Fedoseev.

Why is Red Ball 4 so hard? ›

Red Ball 4 is the fourth game in the Red Ball series, once again featuring a set of platforming levels in which you have to guide the Red Ball to the end without getting killed by obstacles or hazards along the way Compared to the past three entries, Red Ball 4 is more involved than its predecessors as it has a deeper ...

How long does it take to beat Red Ball 4? ›

Main Story525m
Main + Extras232m
All PlayStyles1130m

Who created Red Ball 4? ›

Red Ball 4 is a game developed by Yohoho Games and published by FDG Entertainment. When entering the game, Red Ball and Normal Box are in the left and right, as if they are having a battle (normally like they do in-game).

Is Red Ball 4 for kids? ›

Despite its unassuming nature, Red Ball 4 is a thoughtfully constructed and surprisingly nuanced platformer. It's all fairly straightforward, but with just enough cleverness and self-awareness to it that I can recommend this to anyone looking for an easy game, or something they can give their kids to play.

Will Red Ball 4 be updated? ›

Red Ball 4 will be updated in the future and more level packs will arrive.

Can you play Red Ball 4 without WiFi? ›

Now you can play Red Ball 4 Game right on Chrome™ Browser! Offline and Popup Version, without internet required!

Why is red ball difficult to play? ›

Red balls turn brownish under floodlights, making them difficult to see, and are hence unsuitable for day-night Test matches. Both white and pink cricket balls are suitable for use at night under floodlights and are thus utilized in Day-Night games.

Can you download Red Ball 4? ›

Price: Free Download Price inclusive of VAT if applicable.

Will there be a Red Ball 6? ›

Are you a crazy fan of the Red Ball 5 adventure series? Red ball 6 is designed for you!

Who is the final boss in Red Ball 4? ›

The Cave Boss, also known as the Cavern Boss, is the final antagonist of the Red Ball series, being the main antagonist and final boss in Red Ball 4: Episode 5.

Who is the enemy in Red Ball 4? ›

The Evil Boxes are the enemies in the Red Ball 4 series. The Evil Boxes appear in every episode of the series, playing the role of the antagonists. They are ruthless, and use many forms of machinery and evil to thwart the Red Ball and achieve their goal.

Who is the boss in Street Fighter 4? ›

Street Fighter IV's initial arcade release had Seth as the primary final boss with Akuma and Gouken as the two secret bosses. Akuma would become playable after a machine had been played for certain period of time, while both Gouken and Seth were added as unlockable characters in the home release of the game.

Who is the last boss in Streets of Rage 4? ›

Y Mecha Throne is the final boss from Streets of Rage 4. It is a huge four-legged robot owned by the Y twins.


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