It's not the Destination. It's how you get there. (2024)

The future is forward-thinking and no one really knows what it holds and where it ends, but one thing we know is that it will always be there. So it takes courage and a boldness of character to say, hey, why not try something new?

This is the core of our approach to automobiles. We are striving to constantly innovate in everything we do, from the tips of your fingers, to the tires touching the pavement, and everything in between. With that in mind, here are few new ideas that we love.

Electric Propulsion

Instantaneous torque, delivered silently is a sensation that makes electric cars a game-changer. There is no explosive roar, but we like that. Direct drive means less shifting and more gliding silently down the road, running regen in the turns and opening it up with breath-taking acceleration from 60MPH like you're at rest. Yes, you must be dreaming.

Magnetic Ride Control

Imagine magnets adjusting the amount of suspension needed while driving, adapting to driving conditions through the use of fluid viscosity. Now you are driving with magnetic adaptive suspension., actively changing the configuration of the suspension in order to mitigate the impact of potholes, bumpy roads, and other impediments on the driving experience.

Remote Start

When you walk out to your car, there should be no reason why you need to wait to warm it up, melt the ice, defrost the windows and warm up the interior. An app can give you the control to save time and add to your enjoyment.

High-End Stereos

Speaker systems in cars have come a long way in the last 30 years. Crackly, fading audio has made way for some truly world-class stereos that you can option from the factory.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Whether it be for phone calls or listening to music, having Bluetooth in your car just makes life easier. No wires, no SD card juggling, just sync your phone to your car and go.

Parking Cameras

Backup cameras are required on all passenger cars sold in the US after May 1st, 2018, but the best systems have more than one camera. They make parking and maneuvering through tight spaces safer for everyone.

Assisted Steering

Real self-driving tech is still a ways off, but systems like Cadillac's Super Cruise and Tesla's Autopilot use sensors and cameras to steer cars and keep them positioned in their lanes without any input from the driver. The systems still require to pay attention, but not having to actively worry about steering can be relaxing.

Active Anti-Roll Bars

How do you get a big heavy luxury SUV to handle like a sports car? Active anti-roll bars. Using a motor in the center of the bar, an active sway bar can apply torque to either of its end connections to stiffen itself in real time, dissipating body roll. Smart stuff.

Radar Cruise Control

Though normal cruise control is nice, radar-based adaptive systems take it to the next level. The technology adjusts your car's speed accordingly to maintain a set distance behind the vehicle in front of you. It makes congested highway cruising a whole lot less stressful.

Multimatic DSSV Suspension

If adaptive suspension isn't your thing, a company called Multimatic has a wonderful solution. This trick spool-valve damper setup is used on all sorts of race cars and performance minded road cars like the Ford GT, Camaro Z/28 and Colorado ZR2.

Launch Control

The proliferation of automatic transmissions in performance cars might be a bit of a disappointment, but it's brought about one great bit of technology: Launch Control. Just push a button, and the car automatically sets itself up for perfect, repeatable launches, tailoring the drivetrain and traction control for the quickest possible start.

Electronic Limited-Slip Differentials

Mechanical LSDs are great because they're consistent, but if you want the most high-performance differential out there, you have to go electric. Depending on where you are in a corner, they can lock, unlock, and send power to a designated wheel that needs it most.

Head-Up Displays

Being able to see all of a car's vital readouts plus navigation directions is a huge help in situations where you shouldn't take your eyes off the road. Newer head-up displays are customizable, which means you can see what you want to see, and get rid of useless info.

Torque/Brake Vectoring

This works by having the car brake the inside wheel while going through a turn, simulating a limited-slip differential. It allows for a better distribution of torque across the driven wheels, and therefore, more grip. Most of the time, it works seamlessly, meaning you won't feel it happen at all. You'll just see the results.

Blindspot Monitoring

A side-effect of driving big, long cars is a large, hard-to-see blindspot. That's easily remedied by blindspot monitoring systems that can sense when a car or other object is in the very spot you can't see. Clever, and extremely useful.

Anti-Collision Warning Systems

We don't really see a downside to avoiding a crash when possible. Anti-collision systems like Subaru EyeSight can warn you if it thinks you're about to hit something, and even apply the brakes for you.

Heated Steering Wheel

Like seats, it's a pleasure to feel heat emanating from the steering wheel on a cold day. No more wearing gloves when you drive to work in the morning during sub-freezing temperatures.

Heated and Ventilated Seats

There's no better feeling than hopping into a ventilated seat on a hot day. The same goes for feeling a seat heating up in the middle of winter. If you've experienced it before, it's hard to go back.

It's not the Destination. It's how you get there. (2024)


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